Cayniesha Bedja (joined 2024)

Cayniesha lives in Swakopmund with her parents and two sisters. She has always been told about her talent as a songbird, yet never saw herself among beautiful ladies with a the same God given talent. Cayniesha’s favorite hobby is reading fiction books while she keeps fit playing volleyball with the youth at her church.  She also sings in church and that is where her love for singing started.

Cayniesha is truly proud to say that she is a member of the Cgals and she feels honored to represent a group of kind hearted souls. She is thankful for the opportunity to share her voice.

Monique Brendell (Joined 2023)

Monique Brendell was born on 25 October 1985 in Cape Town but raised in Walvis bay.  She and her famly later moved to Swakopmund where they are living now.

Monique is happily married and has three lovely children. They support her singing in every way they can. In 2016 she and her husband opened a Private School in Walvis Bay which has grown over the past years. In her free time she normally attends church and spend time with her family She loves camping and listening to music.

She joined the Cgals in October 2023. Since that time, she loved every moment of it. Singing is one of the many things she loves to do the most. She joined the Cgals to gain more experience and help the church youth whenever they need to practice a song. Monique is looking forward to all the wonderful things she will learn and do.

Kaylishia de Wee (joined 2021).

Casey (her nickname), is a proud member of the Cgals Chamber Choir is in  The International School of Walvis Bay.  She enjoys singing with the choir and participating in the activities and concerts. Apart from choir singing, she is a keen netball player, a sport she has been participating and excelled in from a young age.

Melissa-Mari Deyzel (joined 2021)

Melissa joined the Cgals Chamber Choir in 2021 and enjoys pursuing her love of music through the choir. The choir exposed her to wonderful different styles and genres of music. Melissa was born in 2007 and she has a few interests such as acting, dancing and sewing. She also loves designing and being creative. Her dream is to pursue an acting career in South Korea and she is busy learning the Korean language! Melissa hopes that everyone will enjoy listening to our choir!

Lisa-Anne Groenewald (joined 2024)

Lisa is born in Cape Town but moved to Walvis Bay after her father was offered a short term assignment in 1982. Thanks to the love her parents had for Walvis Bay, they never went back!  

Her love for music started in school where she was part of the choir. She says music is more than sound, it is an art that brings peace to the soul. She knew about the Cgals for many years and knew that she would join them one day. God has given her a voice to glorify Him and it is wonderful  for her to do this more often!

She and her  husband Clive  will be married for 29 years this year, and they have 2 adult sons. Lisa is a youth teacher at the Walvis Bay Baptist church and has been there for many years. She says she is a late bloomer,  currently busy with her Honours in Business Administration and she also has a degree in Strategic HR management.  As an HR professional it brings great joy for her to see people’s true potential.

 Besides her love for singing,  she loves gardening. To stick something in the ground and see it flourish is pure bliss for her!  Lisa is looking forward to this wonderful new journey with the Cgals.

Isabella Haenisch (joined 2022)

Isabella, the eldest of four children was born in June 2007. She has always been a Swakopmunder and is currently a grade 10 scholar at PSS. She’s always been interested in art and has since pre-primary played a musical instrument and has taken part in theatrical activities. Isabella has played the piano since 2016 and has been taking classes with Wilna since 2020.

Apart from her musical interests, Isabella takes part in karate which she enjoys a lot. In her free time she enjoys to draw/paint and to read.

Karen Miller (joined 2004)

Karen is an Award-winning architect and runs her own Practice in Swakopmund. Her office ranked third in the country in 2016. The Cgals Chamber Choir has been her main after-hour activity since 2004. Singing, art, the outdoors and sports have always been her hobbies but there is not always time for everything. There will, however, always be time for SINGING!

Together with the Cgals choir she has enjoyed wonderful tours and competition participations. The choir has become a means through which members experience other wonderful cultures and environments all over the World. Members have made friends internationally and it has been a wonderful experience to be part of the growth of the choir. For this she is grateful to Wilna Liebenberg, the conductor, teacher, friend…and to all the Cgals ladies!